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Drills & Cutting Tools


Below you will find a range of our drills and cutting tools. All our ranges feature a comprehensive array of sizes. Whether you are drilling into metal, wood, or ceramics we have tools to help get the job done properly. Click on the links to see a more detailed break down of the sizes and variations available to you.

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Jobber Drills


– Long Series/ Extra Long Series

Blacksmiths Drills

Cobalt Jobber Drills

Taper Shank Drills

Tin Tipped Drills

Slot Drills


– STD Ball Nose

– Long Series

– Long Series Ball Nose

Masonry Drills:

– SDS Plus/SDS Max

– STD Masonry

– Uni Plus

– Diamond Core Drills

Centre Drills

Wood Drills