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Stihl Chainsaws

As a leading stockist of Stihl chainsaws in the North West and Manchester, Brian S Pope Ltd are able to offer a variety of chainsaws to meet your needs from stock at our Trade Counter. Below you will find a selection of our chainsaws, along with information to help you get the right Stihl chainsaw for you. All our Stihl chainsaws are supplied with 2 stroke engines, with fuel available from our Trade Counter.

Should you not see the saw you are interested in below please contact our sales team.



Stihl MS170D:


The Stihl MS170D acts as an introductory level to the Stihl chainsaw brand. Sold with a 12″/30cm guide bar the MS170D is ideal for thinning out wood, preparing firewood and capable of felling small trees (upto approx. 30cm dia). Suitable for the more casual user, the MS170D is light and easy to handle with a single lever master control, offering an accessible route into the world of chainsaw use.

  • £158.00 exc. VAT


Stihl MS181:


The Stihl MS181 is sold with a 14″/35cm guide bar offering a step up from the entry level MS170D. Perfect for cutting firewood, felling small trees and building work the MS181 comes packed with the latest technology whilst remaining an affordable option. Featuring technology to reduce vibrations along with a reduced emission engine, which improves consumption whilst maintaining good cutting speed the MS181 proves a fantastic option for the amateur seeking more power whilst maintaining economical performance.



  • £230.00 exc. VAT



Stihl MS211:


The Stihl MS211 is offered with the 16″/40cm guide bar. Powered by a low emission engine, the MS211 features Stihl’s pre-separation air filtration system, which helps to extend the cleaning life of the air filter, reducing the levels of maintenance required on the machine. With reduced vibrations, good cutting speed and plenty of power the MS211 chainsaw is the go to saw to get the job done.


  • £298.00 exc. VAT


Stihl MS250:


A step up in performance, the Stihl MS250 remains light enough to move through smaller tasks such as clearing but packs a powerful enough punch to cut through small limbs and trees. This high power to weight ratio, along with it’s 18″/45cm guide bar makes the MS250 one of the best homeowner chainsaws available.

  • £438.00 exc. VAT



Stihl MS391:


The Stihl MS391 is a top of the line high torque chainsaw designed for agricultural use. Sporting a 20″ guide bar for added reach and depth, this easy to manage yet high powered chainsaw offers improved performance and comfort for harvesting wood or preparing firewood. The higher torque of the MS391 is offered up over a wide range of speeds and offers 20% less fuel consumption and up to 50% lower emissions compared with the previous model. The Stihl MS391 is the ultimate choice for heavy duty chainsaw work.

  • £595.00 exc. VAT

*prices subject to change at any time and are not binding on Brian S Pope Ltd*